Picture this…

It’s Monday morning and you’re dying for a coffee. You’re not sure which card to use - is there money in your chequing account or should you throw it on your visa? Your heartbeat quickens and you get that sinking feeling in your stomach. The utter hopelessness of never having enough sets in. For the love of god, you just want a coffee on the way to work!

All of this is happening on the inside, meanwhile you’re cool as a cucumber on the outside…

Even though you’re not sure that the coffee will go through, you keep your plans for the week: Wednesday is dinner with friends, you need to get your car fixed (again!) and later in the week, you’ll pick up a new outfit for a wedding next Saturday.

Your visa balance is rising but you honestly don’t know how to get what you want AND have money in the bank.

I get it. Pretending it’s all OK is exhausting. Never having cash is embarrassing and demoralizing. I was right there where you are only 5 years ago.

So here’s my question for you:

how do you really want to feel about your money?

Whether you want to feel confident, empowered or completely at ease, I’ve got you. Through my own transformational experience, lots (and I mean LOTS) of research, gathering a community of like-minded women and hiring a life coach, I am on the other side of debt. Here’s the great news: there’s space for you to come on in too.

I have to be totally honest: my journey was not pretty. At times, I faced a brutal uphill money-saving slog all alone. I was desperate for answers to my deepest money fears including will I ever be OK? I am here now to say, yes, you will. Because guess what? You are not alone.

You and money are about to become best friends.

Here are some ways we can make that happen:


How to be Good with Money is a 6 week intensive program that will walk you through EXACTLY how to:

  • get oriented with your money and know where you’re coming from

  • get organized to know where you are right now

  • understand where your money is going

  • create a plan for getting what you want

  • develop an easy, joyful money practice that will get results

Or just shoot me a note in the form below… keep scrolling… you’re almost there.


First, we’ll chat and figure out the best way to work together. Next, your Money Edit coaching program will be designed customarily for you. I’ll work with you in support of your goals, getting very detailed, hands on and nitty-gritty so that you create change! If you’re sick of living a facade, you can radical change in your life and for your money by participating in a Money Edit coaching program.

If you’re willing to step up to the plate to create your best life, this is for you.

I’ll be here, guiding every step as we determine your way forward to financial empowerment and… if you’re up for it, financial freedom!

Send me a note in the form below and we’ll schedule a free 30 minute intro call.

I can’t wait to connect with you!

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