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The future of work - June's book of the month

The future of work - June's book of the month

Dan Pink’s book, To Sell is Human, has me all fired up about the future of work. According to Dan, selling is something we all do, every single day. And the world is changing quickly. Traditionally “stable” salary jobs are being automated and outsourced. Non-traditional work is offering the flexibility and freedom that people crave. To Sell is Human is our June book of the month… keep reading to find out more.

But first, can we please take a moment and chat about the future of work? I am so excited to hear your thoughts on this.

Pay cheques rock

Maybe you like your job - established systems, free coffee and steady paycheque. And that’s rad. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you don’t have to start with a trust fund or a giant income to become financially stable or independent. With consistent money saving habits in place, you will reach your big life/money goals (retire early, travel the world, etc.!)

But perhaps consider what your position would look like if portions were automated. What skills do you need to develop so that you continue to be valued?

Let’s think outside the box

The next part of this post is for those of us who don’t enjoy the 9-5. Maybe you want something different. Something flexible. Something that directly rewards you for the work you do - and compensation that will shrink or grow according to your decisions.

Here are some non-traditional work options:


There’s a lot of hype about freelancing: contracting your talents, charging accordingly. But what does this mean for the average functioning human?

Well, there’s a lot of opportunity to generate cash flow - if you’re willing to hustle. Freelancing can easily fill all of your time or be something you do for extra cash. Check out sites like Freeup and podcasts like Side Hustle School to get ideas and learn more.


Some of us dip our toes in entrepreneurship with a multi-level marketing company. You know, Beautycounter, univera, etc. And some of us jump in with two feet! My friend Aimee is a badass business boss who is improving her clients’ health and financial wellbeing through her univera business. Another friend, Danica, is inspiring women (including me!) to start Beautycounter businesses either for the side hustle or the full-time hustle.

The best and the worst

As I see it, the best part about these companies is the opportunity to generate extra income while living your normal life. The worst part is the constant marketing tsunami that encourages you to buy new, cool, “essential” products. I get where these companies are coming from - and I keep in mind where I’m coming from too. The temptation is REAL.


This one’s for the starters. The people who wake up with ideas and love activating. The beautiful combination of this moment in time and the availability of the internet means that anyone can start a business. If you’re brave, passionate and willing to take risks, you can hire yourself and become your own boss.

Now, there’s a bit of a catch. The only way this works is if you actually charge money for what you sell. By turning ideas into gold, you win!

Where do you land?

Regardless of your approach to making money, you probably have feelings around both traditional and traditional work. Make sure to follow along on instagram and lend your voice to our conversation!

June’s book of the Month: To Sell is Human

June’s book of the month is Dan Pink’s “To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others”. Dan argues that virtually every job - from introverted engineer to stay at home mom to CEO, is a sales job. He talks about what it takes to make money in this economy - and how to make the most of this new reality. I’m half way through and loving every second of it! If you have a moment, check out Dan & Oprah’s conversation on here

Who out there is their own boss? Are you open to an interview? Email me,, and we’ll set it up! XO

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