The Money Edit is for women who are passionate about personal finance and financial independence.

This is a place to change your mind about spending, saving and living your best life.

the money edit's four categories

the money edit's four categories

The evolution of the money edit

In the beginning, I thought this blog would be about ditching debt, being frugal and understanding money basics. As the conversation and content grew, I discovered that money, as a topic, is so much deeper than logistics and facts. Money affects every aspect of our lives, for better or for worse… and we’re aiming for better!

This blog has become a study of how we spend, save, earn and invest our money in pursuit of the bigger life.

Here’s a way to access blog posts by topic:

Spend: thoughts on spending habits, tips on managing spending, gifts, holidays

Save: ditching debt, monthly savings challenges, real life stories, managing credit

Earn: airbnb, side hustles, negotiating salaries, career advancement, real estate

Invest: great investing books, strategies, market investments, real estate, understanding investment vehicles

The bigger life is where you can find all of the posts on a healthy money mindset, big decisions, happiness, meaning

Case Studies feature real life women who are consciously changing the way they spend, save, earn and invest in pursuit of the bigger life

Comments, suggestions and collaboration ideas are always welcome.

If you have a story or idea that would support other women on their money journey, get in touch by email or comment below :)

Learn the basics w/ Worry-Free Money

Learn the basics w/ Worry-Free Money

3 *awesome* books for April

3 *awesome* books for April