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The Ditch Debt Series

The Ditch Debt Series

While The Money Edit is truly about figuring out what you want in your life and deciding you're going to get it, I'm hearing that you could use some practical tools to make this happen.

Inspiration only goes so far when you're not sure how apply it. You're thinking: yes, of course I want to always be positive, be debt free, have a dog, own a house, travel the world, live in a winnebago on the beach for a month (OK, maybe not... ), etc. but how the heck do I pull this off?

The Ditch Debt Series will give you the practical strategies to get what you want. Here are a list of posts that I'll roll out over the next month. When I publish a post, I'll link to it here:

First, download our freebie: Goals Alive! and figure out what you actually want for your life (or even for the next year!)

Know where you're starting from

My little black book

Why every dollar counts

To LOC or not to LOC, that is the question

Delaying purchases is a good savings strategy

The $20/week rule

The running list of everything you want (explained halfway down the pro-procrastination post)

 Using debt to your advantage when the numbers work

I'll keep adding to this list and creating links as time goes on. Meanwhile, I'd love to hear from you. What practical advice do you want to know about debt?

My Little Black Book

My Little Black Book

This is Chelsea: Super mom, homemaker and ambitious future real estate baron

This is Chelsea: Super mom, homemaker and ambitious future real estate baron