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6 quick ways to release stress

6 quick ways to release stress

Day in and day out, we're pulled in all sorts of directions. Work, kids, volunteering, emails,  commuting, life... the list goes on! On top of these average but hectic commitments, our path to financial wellness and getting rich demands reflection, change, upheaval and getting closer to your values.

Here are some quick and easy ways to minimize your stress levels on a daily basis:

Sit quietly (a.k.a. meditate)

It's really not complicated. Set a timer, sit down, get quiet and focus on your breath. Every time your mind wanders, bring it back to your breath. You can do this at your desk, in your bed, at the kitchen table, on a plane... anywhere! Once you access this quiet, your life will never be the same!

Write it down

If something is driving you nuts, consider taking a moment and ranting on paper. This is a chance to describe exactly how you feel and get all of the nasty thoughts out of your head! Warning: this is a great strategy if you forget to burn / shred the note. Once I left a brutally honest post-it rant in a pile of papers on the kitchen table and needless to say, my husband was NOT impressed with me when he found it. Eek! Lesson learned ;)

Let the universe bear the burden

There are many mantras and old sayings that encourage us to chill out and surrender. My dad always says, "it is what it is". My mom always says, "nothing ever seems so bad after a good night's sleep". It's very important to breathe and realize when, in fact, you are not in control. The universe has your back. What's meant to be, will be.

And now we move into the 21st century with these digital tips:

Phone zone

In our house, we charge our phones in the kitchen and keep them out of our bedrooms. My husband and I both feel better when we have a routine for digital downtime. Especially in the evening, I have a harder time falling asleep and don't feel as rested in the morning if I'm on my phone right before bed. Your brain needs time to relax and unplug.

Screen time

Have you ever noticed how scrambled your brain is when you get off your phone and try to focus on another task? How often do you reach for your phone to mindlessly check instagram or your email? I set blocks of work time and keep my phone away from my desk during those blocks. Even with being so conscious, it's just too distracting to have it near me.

Set boundaries with emails (and texts!)

Consider what's getting your attention and why. Most of us have a responsibility to communicate via text and email, however you are allowed to set boundaries around how often you check your phone. You can control how many times you are notified by a beep, vibration or ring. How are your notifications set up on your phone? Are you notified by snapchat 100x/day? How do you react when your phone wants your attention?

In my experience stress is usually related to overwhelm or facing something that doesn't align with my values. It's worth it to consider where you are spending your time and who is getting your attention. It's worth it to pause and think about how you can stop some distractions.

When do you feel stressed? Are you going to implement any of the suggestions above? How are they working for you? Let me know in the comments below!

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