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Real Estate 101: Make your investment work for you

Real Estate 101: Make your investment work for you

I love real estate investing because it’s totally tangible. Either you live or work in your investment or someone else does. At a basic level your property exists and the concept is easy to understand. As with any investment there are risks but with insurance and foresight, the payoff can be worth it.

Over the next month, I’ll blog about my experience and how I put together my strategic, money making real estate portfolio. Here’s a list of upcoming posts:

  • Things to think about before you invest

  • How & when to break into the market

  • How much you should save for a down payment

  • How to estimate the costs of buying or selling a property

  • Working with real estate professionals (What to look for, what to ask)

  • Alternative ways to achieve your real estate goals

  • Short term rentals, the good - the bad - the ugly

  • How to be a landlord, even for short term rentals

  • Best practices!

I’m also super excited to share the details of my newest side hustle: getting our garden suite on the short term rental market. I was hoping to be well into this topic by now but as with all good renovations, we’re running a little behind. I hired a local all women carpentry crew to insert a door between the suite and the rest of our house. Our house was built in 1907 and has classic 3 panel doors so we’re having one made to match. The people who make the doors are a little behind so we’re hoping to have it in the week of Oct 9/18. Stay tuned for blog posts and instagram videos on the progress!

What did I miss? What else do you want to hear about? Do you have any particular questions about real estate investing from a personal finance perspective? Please comment below. I’d love to hear from you :)

"the long run is made up of short runs"

"the long run is made up of short runs"

Where are you leaving money on the table?

Where are you leaving money on the table?