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Money Mantras for all!

Money Mantras for all!

What is a mantra:

A mantra is a phrase that resonates with your higher being. When you imagine the most fulfilled version of you, your mantra reflects who this person is and how they feel. It is the reality you are creating.

Repeating and holding mantras are a way to focus on creating what you want in your life.

Exercise for creating mantras:

Get a pen and paper and jot down your thoughts. Think of your goals, picture your ideal future and where you're going. Take a few moments to get into the space. Get in touch with how you will feel in that moment of fulfillment. What will help you get there? Explore why you want the things you want. List a few of the things you'll do when you achieve your money goals.

Read through your list and form a few short phrases that will help you create what you want.

For example, here are some of my money mantras:

I have money for whatever I truly want to spend it on
Money is abundant and I am always in the flow
I create my own financial reality which is joyful, abundant and generous

Ways to incorporate mantras day-to-day

- Take time to sit quietly for 5 minutes a day. The environment doesn't have to be quiet and you don't need a special pillow. Just set a timer and sit. Every time a new thought pops into your mind, interrupt it with your favourite mantra.

- We can only hold 1 thought at a time. Make a habit of interrupting negative thoughts with your positive mantras throughout the day.

- Post your mantras where you spend the most time. Have a copy on your desk or in your bathroom. I keep a running list of my mantras by my bed. Read them when you wake up. Read them for inspiration. Read them again when you go to sleep.

Mantras are a call to action for the universe!

What's your favourite money mantra?

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