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March Book of the Month: Money Diaries

March Book of the Month: Money Diaries

Hi money editors!

I am beyond excited to announce our March book of the month: Refinery29 Money Diaries by Lindsey Stanberry!

I came across Money Diaries during an online search of personal finance books. It fits perfectly with the goals of the money edit book club - to be entertained, inspired and educated by what we read. Talking about money shouldn’t be boring or mediocre, so why would we read an average money book?

As I mentioned in my last newsletter, when I was planning our money edit book club I didn’t even know Money Diaries or our February book, Live Your Life Not Theirs, existed! It goes to show, when you put an idea out there, even better ideas come back.

Money Diaries

I picked Money Diaries for our March book of the month because it’s full of real women’s money stories, strategies on how to save, info on reducing student loans, eliminating debt, estate planning... and the list goes on! Plus Lindsey is a big believer on balancing life and loan repayments, and offers insight and strategies for making difficult money decisions.

Millennials and beyond

It’s not only for millennials! Money Diaries is valuable to anyone who wants a glimpse into the day-to-day of working women who are trying to balance their lives and money. It is US focused, but as a Canadian, I’m finding it both interesting and useful. I’ll write a post this month about our differences. Stay tuned!

I’ve started listening on and just ordered a paper copy so I can really dig in. 

I’ll post a check-in mid-March to see how everyone’s liking it. Happy reading!

PS - You can read more money diaries here, and Refinery29 just launched a money diaries podcast

PPS - Can I please be Lindsey Stanberry when I grow up?

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