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I used to be frugal and then one Badass idea changed it all

I used to be frugal and then one Badass idea changed it all

The first badass idea

Back in January when I started this blog, I was a  card-carrying member of the Mr. Money Mustache club. I have been following him for 6 years and read every single one of his blog posts. Pete is a frugal, badass man that lives in Colorado and is changing the world via his blog. Before this, nothing had ever rocked my world as much as Mr Money Mustache.

As much as I look up to Mr. Money Mustache, we're not exactly aligned. I wasn't born into a frugal family and it took me a good 28 years to sort out how I want to live. I have entrepreneurial ambitions and I'm not interested in materially limiting myself.

He was a great first love, and now I'm moving to the next level!

The ultimate badass idea

When Jen Sincero's You are a Badass book and her badass attitude came on the scene, I got my little world rocked again. Her voice totally shifted my old paradigm and opened the door for different conversations. The thing I LOVE about the badass books is that fully committing to an abundance mindset opens endless possibilities.

I have to say, writing this feels like a bit of a betrayal. Mr Money Mustache inspired me to pay off all debt, invest in real estate and plan to get out of conventional work ASAP. And I still truly and deeply believe in all of these things, but a life of extreme frugality has always been outside of what feels right for me.

Finite vs. Flow

The main difference between their two philosophies is this: Mr Money Mustache says that money is a finite resource. Once you give it away, that money never comes back. Jen Sincero believes in generosity, abundance and the unlimited power of the universe. Being wide open to the flow.

Both are justified. The difference is in what you believe.

Abundance and generosity bring more abundance and generosity. The opposite, panic and worry, are not productive. Focusing on the negative is simply attracting things you don't want. When you live by your own rules you can choose what to believe and where to spend your energy. And when you understand that money is currency, exchanged for energy, you better be damn sure it's worth the exchange (think time at the office, commuting, etc.)!

Here in lies the mind blowing moment: money is a made up construct and has the value that we place on it. Your success in making more money, enjoying the money you have, building for the future, or anything else is all to do with your money mindset! So... get it girl! What are you waiting for?

Have you read You are a Badass or You are a Badass at Making Money? What about Mr Money Mustache?

Do you believe that money is a finite resource or a renewable resource? Where are you shifting your mindset so that you are spending your energy in more productive ways? I want to hear from you!

Start with one small step

Start with one small step

Creating Money, Attracting Abundance

Creating Money, Attracting Abundance