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How I keep my goals top of mind

How I keep my goals top of mind

In my early 20s I worked at lululemon, where the culture is geared around goal setting, feedback and personal development. lululemon basically birthed the #bestlife hashtag way before hashtags were a thing.

Because of this amazing experience, I've been practicing setting goals and making visions into reality for more than 10 years. Every few months I review the big vision for my life and get excited. I make changes and adjust my goals accordingly. I have kept every copy of my 10 year vision and goals to get there since I was 19, and man have my dreams gotten bigger. My goal and vision setting practice has allowed me to get clear on who I am and what I want for my life.

Here are the ways I keep my goals top of mind:

  •  I make my goals so exciting that I can't stop thinking of them

I'm not in this to be mediocre. I make sure I have a few big, hairy audacious, scary, exciting goals that light me up when I think of them. I take time once a month to think about my dream life, exercise my goal setting muscles and work to make them happen everyday. I am grounded in what I know I'm working for.

  •  I have a coach that keeps me accountable and encourages me to dream big

My coach Diane has been my biggest cheerleader and supporter of my goals for over 2 years. She doesn't judge me, she wants me to succeed and she helps me think differently than I would on my own. Working with Diane guarantees that I have 1 hour / month set aside for personal development. My investment has paid off many times over!

  • I make my work password reflective of my biggest goal

I don't know about you but I think I enter my work password 50X/ day. I am constantly logging into my desktop, signing into databases and email. I always make my work password reflective of my biggest goal. For example, if your goal is to "save $2000/month" that phrase has all of the symbols, characters, numbers and letters to make a great password! AND you'll remind yourself 50X / day :)

Make it a habit to think about your goals. Current you, your subconscious and future you will be very grateful!

  • Keep a copy of your most recent goals somewhere you see everyday

I have a copy of my vision and my goals in my bathroom and on the cork board by my desk so I can read them as often as possible. They remind me to stay on track and get excited for what I'm working towards.

How often do you write your goals? Do you have any tips on how to keep them top of mind?



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