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What does envy say about you?

What does envy say about you?

I'm really into the podcast, Happier with Gretchen Rubin, right now - so much so that I've started listening from the beginning and I have it on whenever I have free airspace.

An interesting question posed way back in 2016 is who do you envy and why? What does that say about what you want for your life? You can listen to the episode here.

Think about it

Who do you envy? Who is doing something that you just wish you could do? When does that sharp feeling of "I wish that were me" come up in your life? Sometimes it shows up as feeling a bit sick, some people get angry, some people get sad. It feels like that person beyond lucky and in comparison, your life doesn’t add up.

Herein lies the magic

No one wants to feel the negative side of envy, so Gretchen and Liz explore a different way of looking at those feelings. When you envy someone, what does this say about what you want? What changes can you make in your life to bring yourself closer to what you want? By asking yourself these questions, envy is flipped on it’s head!

A perfect example

The most common reason people walk around feeling envious and FOMO is our constant exposure to social media. We are (voluntarily) bombarded with professional pictures of fabulous trips, cute puppies, people who look awesome while working out, sunsets on the beach, etc. These are all things that trigger a little wishfulness in everyone.

If we look a little deeper, there may be people in your life (or online) who are absolutely living big, amazing lives that you admire. For example, I am envious of Danielle Town. Yes, I intellectually understand she's put in the hard work to learn and write about investing. It hasn't been easy. And yes, she has a great career as a lawyer, which is also both challenging and inspiring!

I wish I could write, invest and speak like Danielle. When I listen to the InvestED podcast I think, I want to be her when I grow up. I never really considered this feeling as “envy” but I guess it is! Thanks to the happiercast, I’m reframing my thoughts about Danielle’s career and achievements into constructive feedback to help me set goals.

What about you?

Now, tell me more! What/who triggers envy for you? What does that say about how you can change your life for the better!?

Love Your Life Not Theirs by Rachel Cruze is our February book of the month!

Love Your Life Not Theirs by Rachel Cruze is our February book of the month!

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