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Meaningful and classy gift ideas

Meaningful and classy gift ideas

I am not a fan of frugal money blogs that encourage people to buy things over the holidays. You’ll never find me writing a post on Black Friday deals or coupon cutting BOGO sales.

Because the Christmas season is tied to our emotions, values and feelings about money, let’s talk about that. Personally, I believe that spending time together is enough and the expectations set by our materialistic culture are completely insane.

My internal (and now external!) anti-material rant is all well and good however, I need to acknowledge reality: my family expects to give and get gifts.

The optimistic rebel in me knows that I get to choose what I give. And so do you. So here are a few meaningful and classy gift ideas:

  • Just spending time with each other is enough.

  • Send a card with a thoughtful message (bonus points if you make your own cards with old family Christmas pictures on the front).

  • Host a cookie party (Invite your girlfriends over, bake all day and share the cost. Pick up some festive tins at the dollar store, et voila! You end up with many different cookies and beautiful homemade gifts).

  • Treat your loved ones to a jar of my personal favourite, spiced nuts.

  • For the literary/journalism nuts in your life, consider giving a subscription to The Walrus or The Atlantic

  • Organize a family Secret Santa so everyone gets one gift. Don’t forget to set a limit! (Give a restaurant gift card – pick somewhere that does brunch or lunch and if you’re feeling extra generous, throw in some babysitting).

  • Donate to your favourite charity in your loved ones’ honour. Benefit from the tax receipt and spread good vibes all around.


  • The dollar store has simple brown gift bags, ribbons & festive cookie tins – so crafty!

  • Canadian Tire seems to be the cheapest place for mason jars (perfect for spiced nuts). Let me know if you find a better price out there.

Most of these ideas are pulled from my recent, “Tis the Season” article, all about budgets and boundaries during the holiday season.

What are your favourite gifts to give? Do you talk to your family and friends about money over the holidays?

PS - Writing this article is making me think we should all give wine, and get ourselves some too.

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