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Fortune telling: how my vision helped me manifest $250K

Fortune telling: how my vision helped me manifest $250K

For the past 15 years, I’ve been in the consistent habit of goal setting and envisioning my future life.

When I was 19, I first started closing my eyes and picturing my life in 10 years: where I live, who I’m with, what kind of lifestyle I have and how much money’s in the bank. All in present tense as if it were happening right then.

It has always helped to picture an exact moment in time: What exactly will you be doing on this day in 10 years?

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Bliss is you & me, having coffee

A few things have always been clear in my vision: Scott and I live in a big old house. We share our early morning coffee on the deck with the dog. The usual hum of the city is quiet and calm because everyone else is just waking up too. We take time for one big vacation a year, and travel frequently to visit with my family. We value fun, love and integrity. I feel alive and full of excited anticipation; we’re hosting a dinner party for our friends tonight. It will be casual, fun and full of natural wine and vegan ice cream.

My vision of work is changing

My first 10 year career goal was to be the VP of Human Resources at lululemon. Next, there was the Chief Development Officer at the YWCA. The thread was supporting people to do their best work, in a way that contributes to their lives and society.

Up until 3 years ago, I could clearly envision how I would be making money in the future.

In 2016, my desire to become a high-level leader in a non-profit organization fell away. I was temporarily lost - what used to be so clear vanished completely. For a decade, I threw eemy whole self, my heart and soul, into fundraising. I joined professional organizations, volunteered on committees and boards, took courses and bootcamps, became a people leader, raised a lot of money. I was all in, until I wasn’t.

I can see clearly now

Since 2016, I’ve been drawing a blank on my 10 year career vision. In April this year, it’s slowly started becoming clear in bits and pieces. And guess what? This vision is something totally new that I did not expect! I feel a strong pull to focus on changing the way women relate to their money. Here’s what’s coming to the surface:

10 years from now

It’s July 2029 and I am a full time entrepreneur, author and speaker. When I’m not travelling, I have a home office where I settle in each morning to read, keep up with life admin and hold coaching appointments. I support women from all over the world as they create their life-long money practice. At 2pm, I start writing. The flow lasts until about 6pm. I tidy up my space, turn off my computer and join my family for a delicious dinner on the back deck.

Clarity comes in odd places

My new vision is bizarrely clear, especially around timing and what I would do day-to-day. The author part seems like a natural fit. The speaker part is terrifying. I know I should encourage this vision to develop by sitting quietly, meditating and asking how I can be of service. Sometimes patience is easy - but most of the time, not so much. I want it all, and I want it now! Who can relate??

This fall, I am moving forward on my goals that support the big picture. Stay tuned! :)

Manifesting Money

Back in 2009, I created a vision where I’d have $250,000 cash in 2019. Little did I know at the time, this would actually become a reality.

I distinctly remember my lululemon goal coach asking me - how much money do you want to have in 10 years?

My immediate answer was that I had absolutely no idea. My mind was blank – grasping at straws but coming up with nothing. I wanted to have money, but I didn’t know how to get it. What would a reasonable adult bank balance would look like?!

Luckily, goal coaching is not about being reasonable, especially the vision part. So back in 2009, if I had a magic wand, I would have produced $250,000.

I remember thinking: that’s $50,000 a few times over - I could maybe make that happen, but even $50,000 is a crazy amount of money. I wasn’t clear how or from where it would come, but setting a goal of $250,000 was my gut reaction.

Clock work

So here’s the thing: I forgot about that vision. I had $250,000 floating around in my subconscious but it was under the surface. This spring, we decided to sell our rental property. When I asked Scotiabank for the payout amount, the woman on the phone said it would be around $250,000. In that instant, memories of goal setting in 2009 came right back! $250,000…. no kidding.

10 years, almost to the day of setting that goal and it was achieved. Right on time, like clock work.

This is for you

The reason I’m sharing this with you is because I want you to know, those goals that seem crazy now ARE possible. That’s because anything you want already exists. Write it down, let your subconscious know the plan and get to living your best life.

Back to my original question: what’s your 10 year vision? Do you have a goal-setting habit? If you had a magic wand, what would you create?

Comment, email or msg me on insta.

XO Kaila

PS - My only regret is dreaming so small. No more $250,000 goals for me; I’m adding a zero and reducing the timeline. ;)

PPS - don’t forget to download your free vision and goal setting guide to support your wealth manifestation!

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