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What to do when you're feeling blocked

What to do when you're feeling blocked

I’m a bite off more than you can chew, and chew it, kinda gal. Can anyone out there relate?

I always have a million things on the go - from my traditional career, to entrepreneurial ventures, a course or two, at least 4 books and a half drunk cup of coffee. Not to mention my wonderful puppy, friends, family and keeping up with the usual life admin (paying bills, thinking about mortgages, taxes, etc.)!

I thrive in an environment of high energy and creation but right now, the volume is high, even for me.

In the midst of chaos, I’ve been trying to find the time to meditate every night.

Tonight, as I was listening to my favourite mediation Say Yes + Yes, Self-hypnotism for Awesomeness, which I’m happy to share upon request, I had a major brainwave. Here it is: I need to talk to you about my blocks. Talking it out on the blog will allow me to write again!

The block

I’ve been blocked around the money edit lately. Hosting loving, open conversations about money and helping women achieve their money (and therefore their life) goals is my passion. It lights my fire. It’s the thing that has me jumping out of bed. So what is stopping me from developing my passion into my life’s work of writing and teaching about money?

Objection 1: It’s all been done

My ego, the part of me that wants to play it safe, is telling me that in fact everything I have a burning desire to create, has already been created.

This may be true, dear ego, but as a hallowed child of mother nature and an individual with a calling (thanks for the constant pep talks, Jen Sincero) I know it’s OK to go for it anyway. I’m not serving anyone by bubbling over with ideas and enthusiasm on the inside while sitting quietly in my cubicle mainlining luke-warm office coffee and pretending I’m fine on the outside. Seriously.

New mantra: I will serve those who need to hear my message and contribute to the conversation through my passion and creativity around how to be good with money.

Objection 2: I am going to fail

Again, thanks for pointing this out, ego. Failure is a total possibility. I have tried many things and failed many times prior to today. And despite 40 ft ladders, potential botulism, blood, sweat and tears, I’m still here. How refreshing to know that it (life) won’t work out the way I think it will.

As my brother always says, “relax, nothing is under control”.

New mantra: You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take (thanks Wayne Gretzky) or should I say, only the good die young (right, Billy)?

Objection 3: It’s not worth it

Oh my god. Well, even typing that seems insane. It’s so good it’s bad, to see my own thoughts in words.

Of course it’s worth it to pursue/create a career out of my one true work love: helping women become good with money. If my work can change the trajectory of one woman’s life, then I am all in.

Objection 4: People will hate me

I suppose this is a possibility. No one has expressed any explicit hatred yet but there’s still lots of time.

On a happy note, the people who love me always will - like my mom, my husband, my brothers, my wonderful cousins, my best friends, etc. To date, no one has stopped loving me because I have a blog.

I will put this fear aside until I’m famous enough for someone to object to my opinion.

You know, I am so glad I took 10 mins to meditate tonight.

Kaila XO

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