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What happens when you're scared and you do it anyway?

What happens when you're scared and you do it anyway?

Even when The Money Edit was just an idea, even before I started writing, I was so scared to share my blog. I was scared that talking about my passion for money would repel my friends and family. It’s true that people attach all sorts of baggage around having money or not, what is enough and comparing themselves to others.

By committing to this blog, I faced plenty of fears around people’s judgement. Some of my limiting beliefs included:

- You can’t be likeable and smart at the same time. Smart = cold, threatening.

- If I follow my passion and write about money, it will make people uncomfortable.

- I am exposing the fact that I'm not cool to the world (...can we just talk about this for a moment? I realized this limiting fear while walking home from work wearing a knee length Gore-Tex rain jacket and old lady lea loafers, holding a zebra print umbrella. When I told my friend Stephanie that I was holding back in case everyone finds out I'm “not cool” she burst out laughing and told me to get over myself. Ok, I get it. I’m not even cool now! I'm 32 and I my passions are money, reading, jogging and listening to the CBC... Thanks, Stephanie! That as just the wake up call I needed!)

Pushing through this fear and writing anyway allowed me to face my scariest limiting beliefs and watch peoples’ reactions. Over the past 6 months of blogging, I've observed the most amazing results! Here are some of my favourites:

- There is lots of willingness and space to have conversations about how to make a money plan and build wealth and opportunity.

- Some people aren’t interested, but those aren’t the people for whom I’m writing! I’m writing for people who want to think and talk about money, goal setting, strategizing and increasing wealth.

- The more uncomfortable people are, the more curious (and also scared!) they are.

- My friends and family are not surprised or repelled. The don't love me more or less.

In conclusion, I suppose it's important to put your fears in perspective and remember who you're here to serve. It's all relative. Feel your fear and do it anyway. Like the kids say, you only live once so why not YOLO the shit out of your passion?

Where are you playing small because you’re afraid to fail?

PS - It took me a whole day to hit publish in case y'all think I'm stupid... very limiting. Obviously I hit publish anyway.

PPS -  I used the picture above because it was taken on the day I closed the biggest deal of my traditional career to date! I used it because you can see the terror/joy in my eyes. Cheers to facing fear and doing it anyway!

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