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Earn More

Earn More

There are three basic building blocks on the awesome path to wealth.

  1. Developing and strengthening your money mindset

  2. Spending less

  3. Earning more

Your money mindset

Your money mindset is so personal. It’s where you get to decide how wealthy you want to be. How much is enough? What do you truly value? It develops over time but you know in your heart what’s right for you. When you’re following your true beliefs, it will feel good. You’ll know what’s worth your money and what’s not.

It’s one of my favourite things to write about – so I tagged the money mindset posts here.

Spend less

While you’re developing your money mindset, you can practice spending according to your values. When I say spend less, I mean think about what you’re spending your money on. Understand that if you want to have money for what you truly value, you need to intentionally keep a fair portion of your monthly earnings. For example if you value security, freedom, choice, happiness > you decide to put your money investment portfolio including savings and real estate. You see the newest Everane shoes, and you love them! More importantly, a) you have shoes and b) you value meeting your monthly saving goal even more than you value buying new shoes.

Earn more

And here lies a highly contentious topic among those with the goal of achieving financial independence – Do you really need to earn more? Or just spend less?

I argue strongly for both. In the next few posts, let’s focus on what you can do to earn more. Throughout the month of September, I’ll link the “earning more” posts to this list:

-    How to save for your next big goal

-    How to increase your income

-    Negotiate your salary

-    What’s an ideal savings rate?

-    Where are you leaving money on the table?

-    What does your side hustle look like?

I’m so excited to share ideas this month!


PS - Speaking of leaving money on the table & side hustles, we’ve decided to rent out our garden suite. It’s the above ground garden level of our home. When we moved in it was painted a mishmash of light and navy blue with brown tile floor. Follow along here & on insta as I transform the space over the next month. My goal is to have it ready to rent by October 1, 2018.

How to save for your next big goal

How to save for your next big goal

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