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19 for 2019

19 for 2019

My favourite podcast right now is Happier with Gretchen Rubin and her sister, Elizabeth Craft. Their focus on happiness through interesting topics and habit change challenges makes me feel optimistic and inspired.

One thing they do every year is create a list of things they want to accomplish that will make them happier. It’s a different way of goal setting than I’m used to and it makes a lot of sense to mark the new year with a few intentions. The idea is that you check in with the list a few times throughout the year to remind yourself of what you want to accomplish. Here’s the podcast where Gretchen and Elizabeth share their 19 for 2019, and here are mine:

19 for 2019

  1. Spend 2 weeks exploring and enjoying central Europe

  2. Visit with my awesome family in Ottawa, and host anyone in my family who wants to visit

  3. Celebrate Ryan’s 30th birthday with him in person!

  4. Take a long weekend trip to California with Scott

  5. Do more yoga

  6. Drink a green smoothie every morning I wake up at home

  7. Cut out alcohol until March 15; track how I feel and if it’s worth it to cut it out all together

  8. Organize a weekend in Tofino with my dear, old friends

  9. Bike to a Gulf Island and camp over night

  10. Attend the Salt Spring Island Apple Festival

  11. Go to a musical

  12. Work with my coach Diane to create a business that allows me control over my time and priorities

  13. Commit to The Money Edit book club, posting 2x/month and provoking discussion about improving our lives by changing our views on money and investing

  14. Take time to write. Practice, improve, share.

  15. Coach 3 people; support them in achieving their money goals

  16. Figure out passive income tax plan and write about it

  17. Become an airbnb superhost

  18. Decide on the best way to use our airbnb income

  19. Commit to “no spend” February and one other month

What are your goals for 2019? How are you going to revel in the small and big things that make you happy in 2019? If you decide to do a 19 for 2019 list, share below or email me. I want to hear your plans!

What does envy say about you?

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